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One hundred and sixty three shades of yellow, green, orange, red, purple, brown, grey and blue (so far) is a project that began during a residence in Artspace, Sydney in 2005. Given my interest in color and the proximity that some of my works were having with painting, I decided to perform an exercise that reflected on this media; specifically, around still life as a paradigmatic model of this discipline. In this way, I made a series of embroideries by hand, where by tiny stitches, I reproduced photographic images of fruits and vegetables in life-size scale.

The work also consisted of a hand drawing on the wall, which completed the images linearly. This project continued over time, so that every time this work was exhibited, the embroideries were changing, as well as the drawing that accompanied it, transforming this work into a site-specific project. The title of this work refers to the number of colors used for the production of the first fifteen embroideries –the ones produced during my residency in Australia–, an issue that underlines the processes of work production, over the thematic choice of the model.

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