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the color of the garden is a project comprised of three specific photographic exercises, which would be part of a solo exhibition of the same name at the Latincollector gallery in New York City in 2004. For the first exercise I decided to make a hand colored napkin mural reproducing a living room interior, in which it was possible to see a series of plants placed in front of a window.

My interest was to manually reproduce the particular difficulty of exposure to light that backlighting, where part of the chromatic information of the represented plants was lost, ending up veiled and whose color –by segments– presented a considerable de-saturation. In the same way, the exterior plants and trees, observable at plain sight through the glass, tended to disappear in a pastel-like palette that diluted all of their outlines. Also –and as has been a constant in my research– the exercise also consisted in keeping to the chromatic reference the image on the computer screen presented, so I tried to be accurate to all those accidents, distortions and losses working with a non professional camera implied./p>

This project was also comprised of from one to three, the small garden, a hand colored napkin diptych, about the issue of instant capture, giving account of the same place in two different moments. This is, the view from the window, towards a street with various busses and cars passing. The possibility of shooting a manual snapshot itself presented a difficulty and a contradiction, which I was particularly interested in approaching. Finally, the whole is completed with through the garden, a series of photographs printed watercolor paper, which modularly rebuilt a route through the interior of a house.

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Mónica Bengoa: The Color of the Garden


Mónica Bengoa: The Color of the Garden, by Julia P. Herzberg, Ph.D. Art historian and independent curator. Exhibition brochure. New York, United States. 2004

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