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In 1999 I began a series of works in which I decided to record photographically various daily household activities; insignificant situations that are repeated in time in the same way, over and over again. In vigil was the first project in this series, in which I photographed my children sleeping every night, over seven months.

The result was an installation of two series of photographs which I arranged along two walls facing each other, as part of the first Project of a Boundary exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Valdivia. In each wall I presented 310 photographs: one series for each one of my children. Hundreds of photographs where it was possible to distinguish subtle differences: different sleeping positions, their pajamas and bedding changed according to the season, their haircut … My interest lied in the fact that each of these moments become invisible to our eyes because of its constant repetition, however, it is precisely because of this repetition that such common activities have the particular ability to build a sense of home, a safe territory that we inhabit.

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