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In vigil 4 was the continuation of a project started two years earlier with vigilant, in which I produced a systematic photographic record of my children performing everyday actions, repetitive and seemingly insignificant. Thus, the year 2000 I started to photograph my children every day while brushing their teeth, so that after about six months of work, I had an archive of near seven hundred photographs. (Between this images emerged the one I used for Overvigilance).

I then decided to show this images in the format that was part of their domestic nature close to the family album, that is, 9 x 13 cm; 640 photographs arranged in two adjacent walls, hanging from small clips. Thereby, this series is added to those made before photographing my children every night sleeping in their beds, or eating in the kitchen. These common situations that usually pass unnoticed constitute the safe confines of our passing, without them we would lack of references to inhabit.

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