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In 2005 I was invited to participate at the Transformer exhibition curated by visual artist Mario Navarro. The project had to respond to the requirement to change every day, throughout the month of duration of the exhibition. I had the idea of making a kind of retrospective show, a project that allowed me to revisit more than ten years of work; so I decided to photograph my automobile –a classic 1996 Renault Twingo–, that has the distinctiveness to have a fold away roof. For Transmobile then, I progressively filled my car with a series of objects and materials that had been used for the production of many of my previous works, and I photographed them zenithally so that they were seen through the “opened window” on the roof.

The result was a photography in life-size scale of my car, that went changing day to day, showing different objects in its interior: supermarket bags, books, plants and toys; work materials, such as embroidery threads, color pencils or dyed thistles, but also showing me and my children in everyday scenes that have long been part of my thematic concerns as part of my artistic research. This early retrospective somehow settled –just like in 203 photographs six years earlier– as a review that would allow me to continue my research, incorporating new methodologies and production systems to my work.

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