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entre lo exhaustivo y lo inconcluso (between the exhaustive and the inconclusive) is one of those projects that remain latent for a long time before settling; in it three different issues conveyed, which until that moment I had not had the opportunity to address. The first of them was my interest for holding an exhibition of drawings which would allow me to show the construction plans of my murals; giving account of the ordering and classifying system I use to make the chromatic translations of the photographed images. Second were the great windows at the Sala Gasco gallery, which allow passersby on the street to look inside the exhibition halls, turned into great shop windows.

Nonetheless, I believe the most significant thing was to at last be able to give a project a title I had saved for a long time. I had tried it out on other projects without finding its real fit, and adjustment I finally found among these three issues. Entre lo exhaustivo y lo inconcluso is a segment of a sentence in Georges Perec’s book Thoughts of Sorts, in a chapter that for me resonates as an articulating axis of my work. Because every extreme attempt of rigorous classification fatally implies the impossibility of the achievement, leaving all cause inevitably unfinished.

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