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In january, 7:25 the image shows a child’s unmade bed, seen from ground level, under which a series of toys and some clothing are hidden. This work uses construction strategies similar to Overvigilance, regarding the use of operations of transference of photographic images towards other materialities, including procedures related to displacements of drawing and engraving. But in this case, the “thistle” module which systematically constructed the image of the sink, has been replaced by the “paper napkin” module, which serves the same purpose.

These napkins have been colored with wooden school pencils, following a chromatic restriction based on the lighting distortions generated by the digital photography transferred to the computer screen, distortions that are installed as the chromatic reference of the image. In this sense, in january, 7:25, the use of photography is given not only as means to create mechanical images from the coherence of its contained optical structure, but indeed in revealing the technical procedure of work construction.

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(I would like to write a text as fine as your work)


(I would like to write a text as fine as your work), in Solo exhibition catalogue enero, 7:25, p.16-30. Santiago, Chile. 2004

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