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In this work I have resumed knitting, choosing Guárdame en ti (1997), a poem included in Canto de los ríos que se aman (La Vida Nueva) by Chilean poet Raúl Zurita.

At the beginning this was just a trial exercise for another artwork I am currently working on –L’analphabète, Récit autobiographique by Agota Kristof–, since after knitting Ejercicios de ceguera y de sordera, I was hoping to resume this form of writing using a thiner wool to obtain a cloth that was considerably finer than that first work.

However, the initial technical excuse became a project I couldn’t let go, because I remembered that this poem, among several other poems by Zurita, had accompanied many of my art school days, and I believe that this nostalgia, equally present in those words, was imbued into the knitting as well.

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