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ARCO 2014

Attendance of Gallery Isabel Aninat with an individual project of the visual artist Mónica Bengoa, to 2014 version of ARCO, the Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid. Booth 7F07.

19 February - 23 February 2014

ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid @en, Spain


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This February 19th is the opening of the 2014 version of ARCO, the Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid, where Isabel Aninat Gallery (the only Chilean gallery at the artfair) will show an individual project of visual artist Mónica Bengoa.

The installation, entitled Still Life / Style leaf, which has been specially made ​​for this event, consists of four black pieces of 184 x 290 cm –and 6,353 letters– of natural felt cut out by hand. Similar to her work in recent years in the use of this material, this piece instead addresses more directly the interest of the artist for the use of text in her works. In this case, she uses the homonymous story by French writer Georges Perec, contained in his book The infraordinary. In it, Perec describes in detail his desk, the table on which he writes, and each of the items on it. The vivid image of that narration constitutes a new material image of the crumpled pages of the book, from which emerge –as a concrete metaphor– each one of the cut letters piling up on the floor under each page of felt.

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Published in W (doble ve), Santiago, Chile. Ed Mónica Bengoa, p. 68-71. 2014.

The Literalist: Lessons in Looking, Courtesy of Mónica Bengoa’s Handmade Photography


Essay written in the context of the exhibition of the installation Still life / Style leaf in ARCO, Madrid, Spain. 2014.

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making of ‘Still life / Style leaf’

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video, the making of ‘Still life / Style leaf’ (2014)

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