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Overvigilance presents the image a sink in a family bathroom –on which are two children’s toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste and a bar of soap. The mural reconstructed this image from natural dyed thistles, completely covering the 54 m2 (581 sq ft) of the surface of the wall. In this case, the repetitive act previously photographed in Vigil 4 (that corresponded to the systematic registry of my children brushing their teeth for over seven months) shifts to thousands of flowers that seduced the eye of the spectator through their texture and the green tones that characterize amateur photographs, technically deficient. Then, particularly from this piece, it was possible to radicalize the construction system of my work, assuming significant decisions regarding the modalities and materialities of the transference of photographic images. Ultimately, these experiences allowed me to extend these concerns towards other media, which without leaving the reference to the determination of the image, assumed their reproducibility by means of materialities that opened new variables in the research that I had initiated.

sobrevigilancia - montaje

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In exhibition catalog. Galería Animal Exhibitions 2000 / 2001. p.124-127. Santiago, Chile. 2001

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