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The Box in a valise project emerged as an answer to the invitation of curator Hervé Mikaeloff and of Marie-Ange Moulonguet, director of the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton, to be part of the Chili, l’envers du décor exhibition; the invitation consisted in creating a site-specific piece for one of the show-windows of the Louis Vuitton main store in Champs-Élysées, Paris. It was a one felt layer mural pierced by hand, build from sixteen modules of diverse tones of red. The construction of the image was from a series of photographs of the interior of the store: of the fine wood shelves, where handbags, suitcases, shoes and neckties were exhibited, of the bronze grate on the back; an assembly of elements located exactly behind the show-window chosen for the installation of my work. In this way, I used that image as the basis to create a drawing of those objects, where the line is constituted by absence, exposing the brass grate through the cuts in the red felt. I was especially interested in the absolute contrast between the luxurious handbags and suitcases of the store interior, and the hand-made –craft like quality– of the production of my work.

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Mónica Bengoa. L’envers de l’observation. María Berríos, in Exhibition catalogue Chili,l’envers du décor, p.13, 34-35. Paris, France. 2010

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