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The January, 7:25 exhibition was composed by a mural of paper napkins of the same name, and a series of five hand-made embroideries titled 7:25 (pirate, little things, turtle, elephant, airplane). These embroideries were made with a production system similar to the mural of napkins, as far as the use of a restricted color palette, since in both cases –color pencils and embroidery threads– the chromatic palette was given by the colors available on the market.

However, while the paper napkins took a bed of a child to scale of enormous dimensions, under which some toys hid, the embroideries presented an assembly of similar, but very small toys, and this time, in life size scale. Somehow then, the approach of the spectator to both pieces was opposite: while facing the mural the viewer could undergo the sensation to corporally feel diminished in front of that colossal bed, the approach to the embroidered toys caused an intimate contact, with the insistent observation of each tiny stitch.

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(I would like to write a text as fine as your work)


(I would like to write a text as fine as your work), in Solo exhibition catalogue enero, 7:25, p.16-30. Santiago, Chile. 2004

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